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We manage online platforms of digital content (video, images and audio), and offer intelligent business solutions based on automated market analysis. For this purpose we count with an excellent international team of engineers, which make up our most precious asset , through them we facilitate the entrance of Japanese technology into the region. Based on a strong cultural integration with our teams in Tokio and Santiago, we constantly achieve to boost and promote technical innovation and development in South America.

In skillup, we recognize the concept of globalization as a fundamental force for the economy of the future.


Automated system that monitors customer interaction with the stores, generating accurate real-time information to support the decision making process.


Today smartphones and smart TVs provide new channels to deliver video contents. MovTV boosts the potential of these new channels for personalized advertising.

Windows Phone

This service relies on a powerful advertisement server which allows the distribution of rich-media ads over all mobile and fixed platforms.

Windows Phone

We know that our clients are more connected than ever with their mobile phones. Because of this reason we create completely customised services and applications, for your very own business model.


Report system that allows drawing up information about focused products in different stores or points of sale.



After four years of collaborative work focused on applied research and technological development, Skillup Chile and Skillup Japan joined forces in order to apply platforms and services developed for Asia with a new scope and vision on the South American market. Skillup Chile was established on July 2011 by JACH Technology Inc. (Japanese-Chilean Technology), becoming an advanced software development company focused on video transcoding and streaming, automated visual data extraction and analysis, and Internet advertisement for "any screen".

Skillup provides business intelligence services for the retailing industry with automated data extraction from video cameras, considering customer flow and demographic information. Skillup also offers the most advanced Asian online video administration and distibution platform, used by major television channels and audiovisual content holders in the region such as Warner Brothers Japan, Fuji TV, Nippon TV, TBS among many others.


Our business

In Skillup we believe that the concept of globalization through strong international partnerships is a fundamental strength for the economy of the future.

Our goal is to become the Latin American leaders in all solutions we provide, considering digital content management platforms (Audio, Video and Images) and business intelligence solutions based on automated market analysis.

We have an excellent international team of engineers that represents our most valuable asset. With their effort we attempt to bring Japanese technological developments to the region. Based on a strong cultural integration, with our teams in Tokyo and Santiago we naturally develop and promote the technical potential and innovation of the South American region.


Desarrollo App

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Primebook - Contest


Primebook is an educational eBooks application for children focused on improving the multiple intelligences and motivating foreign language learning (Spanish and Japanese for now) on kids between 2 and 8 years old. Primebook lets you have one different account per kid, so each one can have an individual bookshelf where he/she can keep his/her favorite books, which can be downloaded from our library. The narration in all the books has been produced by professionals, but you can record your own voice as well, to let your kids hear you even when you are not with them.

To get information about our Primebook contest click on this link: Prime Book contest


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